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24 Dec 2015

3D Print Bros – New YouTube Channel

I will no longer be doing 3D Print videos on PCSimplest.  To check out all of our 3D Printing videos and more exciting news check out: 3D Print Bros YouTube – Click Here!
21 Dec 2015

3D Printed Articulated Elephant

In this video we 3D print an articulated elephant using blue PLA filament. This print took roughly 3 hours to complete and it looks and works great!
15 Dec 2015

3D Printed Batman Owl – Lulzbot Mini

3D Printed Batman Owl. #batman #3dprinting
12 Dec 2015

Super Mario Star Christmass Tree Topper

3D Printed Super Mario Christmass Tree Topper. I printed this on my Lulzbot Mini 3d Printer. This print took about 4 hours to create. The top layer of the star did not turn out perfect, but I
8 Dec 2015

Types of I.T. Jobs

In this video we discuss different types of I.T. Jobs and the different titles that are associated with them. This is part 1 of a series of videos that I will be doing on different types of
28 Nov 2015

IT Basics Part 2 – Information Technology

We’ve posted the basics part 1. Check out the IT Basics video part 2 now. We go over some of the other details we may have missed in part 1.
10 Nov 2015

Lulzbot Mini Review – 3D Printer

The time has come to do a short review on the Lulzbot Mini 3d Printer that I have been using for the last month. This is an absolutely amazing printer for the price. Just about everything that
5 Nov 2015

IT Basics – What you should know getting into IT.

If you’ve ever wondered what basic things you should know before getting into an Information Technology career, look no further. In this video we discuss the basics of I.T. and what you should know when considering a
30 Oct 2015

3D Printing a Pumpkin – Lulzbot

In This video we 3D Print a Pumpkin on our Lulzbot Mini 3d Printer. This print took 7 hours to complete with a support to make sure this pumpkin didn’t fall over or do anything crazy during
27 Oct 2015

3D Printing a Tug Boat

#3d Printing #Lulzbot #3dprinter – PC Simplest has now ventured into 3D Printing. We went out and purchased a Lulzbot Mini 3d Printer and we will begin showcasing all of the cool neat prints that we do.