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7 Apr 2015

Selected Window Screen Shot

In this video we show you how to take a screen shot(PRTSCN) of only the selected window that you have open. Meaning this will only take a quick snapshot of ONLY the window that you have selected
5 Jan 2015

How to Download Cell Phone Pictures

This video shows you a quick step by step way to download the pictures from your Android device to your computer. I think this may be the simplest way to do this so please check this out
27 Dec 2014

Let’s talk about Cookies.

In this quick video we talk about Cookies. Get a brief description of cookies and what they do…also learn how to delete them a long with other information related to Temporary Internet Files.
12 Dec 2014

Installing Computer Essentials

Today we talk about installing computer essential programs. These programs are basically required to run certain aspects of your computer. Check this video out to show you the simplest way of installing and even updating some of
20 Nov 2014

How to Install Windows 8 Start Menu

The Start MENU is back…well sort of. In this video we show you how to install an application that brings back the start menu to it’s full potential. I’ve been waiting to release this video so that
5 Nov 2014

Best way to take a Screen Shot

You may have learned how to do this a long time ago but let us show you the simplest way of taking a screen shot. Learn how to save it, copy it, email it…do more with it
2 Nov 2014

Use Your TV as a Monitor

Learn how to use your TV as a monitor for your computer. That’s right hook up your laptop or desktop computer to your TV and browse the internet on a massive screen. I plug my laptop into
31 Oct 2014

How to Install Windows 8.1

We’re moving on up into Windows 8! In this video we’re talking about installing Windows 8.1! Windows 8 was fine and dandy but Windows 8.1 steps it up just a little bit and makes thing a lot
18 Oct 2014

Back up your computer

This is the longest video we have done to date and we show you how to back up your files on your computer to external media such as a flash drive or external hard drive.
17 Oct 2014

How to Change Your Homepage

In this video we show you how to change your homepage in your favorite browsers. Learn how to change your homepage in Internet Explorer, How to change your homepage in Mozilla Firefox, and how to change your