Razer DeathAdder Mouse Review

To get straight to the point today we are talking about the Death Adder mouse from Razer. If you are unfamiliar with Razer they are a widely known company in the PC gaming industry. They make in my opinion some of the best components for computers that you can buy, ranging from mice, keyboards, headsets, mouepads and most recently branching off to their own line of computers.


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I’ve been waiting to review the DeathAdder for sometime now as I wanted to give it some heavy use before I gave it an accurate review based on my usage. To give a little back story on myself and why this review will be 100% honest and real, I have worked in I.T.(Information Technology) for the last 15 years of my life and have used many different mice throughout this time both in my home and in my work environment.

Finding a comfortable mouse is something you would think is fairly easy to do. This is where you are wrong. I use a mouse about 80% of my working day and then again when I’m at home on my own computers. On average I would say I’m using a mouse around 10-12 hours everyday. Being able to find a mouse that feels nice in your hand and moves smoothly is a luxury.

In all honesty the Razer DeathAdder is comfortable and smooth on the hand to use. It feels like it belongs in your hand. Again keep in mind I’ve used many mice and a lot of my friends and fellow gamers and nerds swear by Logitech as their brand of choice. For me, Razer is definitely by far my brand of choice. The look, the feel, the way the mouse actually works is incomparable to any other type of mouse on the market.


You Game Bro?

IF you are a gamer Razer should almost always be your first choice in equipment for getting geared up to game. This is the second Razer mouse that I have purchased to use specifically for gaming and all around use. The first Razer mouse that I purchased was the Razer Naga Chroma MMO Gaming Mouse The Naga is a beast when it comes to gaming especially if you play something along the lines of Warcraft with all of those programable buttons.

Let’s say you aren’t that serious of a gamer or don’t require all of those buttons. The DeathAdder is going to be an excellent choice. I absolutely love this mouse. This is the mouse that I purchased to use with my Macbook Pro when I’m editing photos and playing games on the go because it’s perfect. It has 3 additional programmable buttons which is extremely helpful for gaming situations and the fit in your hand is near perfect. I’m an adult male and I wouldn’t necessarily say that I have the largest hands for my stature, but they are larger and I love the way this mouse feels in my hands.

Reaction times are fantastic.

You Like Pretty Things

To say this mouse is pretty would hurt it’s feelings. This mouse is pretty beautiful though. It has one of the slickest looks to it with the glowing Razer logo as well as glowing mouse wheel. When idle the Razer logo pulsates and entices you to want to touch it’s beauty. It’s smooth black finish not only feels nice it looks nice as well. Being a Razer owner of previous products their finish doesnt really tend to dull to much or wear down very much. It’s definitely a quality product and it shows.

This is a mouse I would advise anyone to get.

Razer DeathAdder Essential – Ergonomic PC Gaming Mouse – Comfortable Grip

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