Hook up TV to your Computer

In this video my helper Kennedy and I hook up a brand new 32″ LED TV to my computer to use as a monitor. I’ve debated for a very long time on whether I would just buy two new monitors or buy a really big monitor. I finally made my decision based on my current PC usage. The best part about this is that I can hook this TV up both to my Windows PC and my Mac….Mac video coming soon! Check it out! Continue reading “Hook up TV to your Computer”

Information Technology – Education vs. Experience

I’ve talked about Information Technology before, in this video we take an in depth look at Education vs. Experience when it comes down to the information technology field. If you are considering a career in IT definitely check out this video and our previous video regarding the subject. There is a lot of great information! Continue reading “Information Technology – Education vs. Experience”

Google Docs Collaboration

Chris Davis from PC-Addicts(http://www.pc-addicts.com/) and I discuss Google Docs and how we use this for our collaborations. This was just a quick video discussing how Google Docs works and how we use it. I would love to hear from you on how you use this! Let me know how Google Docs or Even Google Drive has made a difference in your life. I think Google Docs is much better than Microsoft Office, do you feel the same?

Continue reading “Google Docs Collaboration”

How can I get into IT?

First let me start by saying I loved doing this video. Here I explain somethings you will need to know if you are considering a career in I.T.(Information Technology) What can you expect, what will you need to know, do you even have the passion to do it? Hear me about before you truly consider making computers your career. Continue reading “How can I get into IT?”