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31 Aug 2015

Macbook Pro – Ram and Hard Drive Replacement

Watch this video if you are looking to replace the RAM in your Macbook Pro, OR if you are looking to replace your Hard Drive with a Solid State Drive. We show you how to swap out
29 Aug 2015

Cellphone Mount and Tripod – Review

If you have ever been considering a mount or tripod for your cell phone the people over at Square Jellyfish(link:Square Jellyfish Website ) really have their stuff together and offer an amazing product. The total for each
27 Aug 2015

Chicagoland Geeks – 3d Printing

Doing a quick video to show my good friend Jim from Chicagoland Geeks some support. Jim does a lot of 3D printing and custom PC builds on his YouTube channel. I’ve known him a long time and
23 Aug 2015

Loot Crate Villains 2 – August 2015

In the August Loot Crate we unbox Villains 2. My special guest and I open up some really cool stuff and she was definitely really excited when talking about some of these items. Check out the video!
29 Jul 2015

Gift Card Giveaway!

That’s right the time has come for our very first GIVEAWAY! In this giveaway you’ll need to head over to our Facebook Page ( to be eligible to be entered into the giveaway.
28 Jul 2015

Recover Lost Microsoft Word Files

If you’ve ever been working in Microsoft Word and your computer crashes on you or Word closes unexpectedly, you may think you have lost the file you’ve been working on. Think again…check out this video to learn
25 Jul 2015

Upcoming Changes

We really appreciate all of the users who have subscribed to our YouTube channel and visit this website on a daily basis and to show our appreciation we will be holding a giveaway soon!! You may also
25 Jul 2015

Windows 10 Free Upgrade & Live Preview

Download Windows 10 for Free! That’s right if you are running Windows 7 or Windows 8 you may be eligible for a FREE Windows 10 Upgrade. Check out this video to learn how to get prepared for
21 Jul 2015

PC to MAC – The Menu Bar

In this video we discuss the MENU BAR. What are the differences that you will notice from the traditional Microsoft Windows Menu Bar to the OSX version of the Menu Bar? Well check out this video and
12 Jul 2015

Unboxing Game of Thrones Mystery Minis

In this video we unbox two of the Game of Thrones Mystery Mini boxes. I really like the way that they have these packaged up and I was quite surprised as to which characters I got.