Let Us Help You!

We would love to help you! So we are asking that you submit any technology related questions to our website or via our YouTube channel so that we can make more videos that will help you out! We love what we do and we love helping people so don’t be afraid and don’t be shy. There is ABSOLUTELY NO dumb or stupid question that can be asked when it comes to technology. Please feel free to ask away!

Welcome to PC Simplest!

Welcome to PC Simplest where we will show you the SIMPLEST ways of learning and fixing common issues you may have with your computer!

My name is Zach Hill and I will be your guide on your journey to learning new and exciting things about computers and all types of technology in general.  I have over 15+ years of experience in the Information Technology field.  I have done private contracting, run my own business, worked for school districts for many years and currently I am employed for hospital as a Computer Information Technician.

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