3D Printing Archive

24 Dec 2015

3D Print Bros – New YouTube Channel

I will no longer be doing 3D Print videos on PCSimplest.  To check out all of our 3D Printing videos and more exciting news check out: 3D Print Bros YouTube – Click Here!
21 Dec 2015

3D Printed Articulated Elephant

In this video we 3D print an articulated elephant using blue PLA filament. This print took roughly 3 hours to complete and it looks and works great!
15 Dec 2015

3D Printed Batman Owl – Lulzbot Mini

3D Printed Batman Owl. #batman #3dprinting
12 Dec 2015

Super Mario Star Christmass Tree Topper

3D Printed Super Mario Christmass Tree Topper. I printed this on my Lulzbot Mini 3d Printer. This print took about 4 hours to create. The top layer of the star did not turn out perfect, but I
10 Nov 2015

Lulzbot Mini Review – 3D Printer

The time has come to do a short review on the Lulzbot Mini 3d Printer that I have been using for the last month. This is an absolutely amazing printer for the price. Just about everything that
30 Oct 2015

3D Printing a Pumpkin – Lulzbot

In This video we 3D Print a Pumpkin on our Lulzbot Mini 3d Printer. This print took 7 hours to complete with a support to make sure this pumpkin didn’t fall over or do anything crazy during
27 Oct 2015

3D Printing a Tug Boat

#3d Printing #Lulzbot #3dprinter – PC Simplest has now ventured into 3D Printing. We went out and purchased a Lulzbot Mini 3d Printer and we will begin showcasing all of the cool neat prints that we do.