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29 Aug 2015

Cellphone Mount and Tripod – Review

If you have ever been considering a mount or tripod for your cell phone the people over at Square Jellyfish(link:Square Jellyfish Website ) really have their stuff together and offer an amazing product. The total for each
22 May 2015

Block Facebook Game Requests

Are you sick of getting all of those annoying Facebook game requests? In this quick video we show you how to block all of those requests from your Facebook so you never have to see them again.
18 May 2015

Block Android Phone Calls

In this quick video we show you how to block phone calls from your Android Phones. I used my Samsung Note 3 to record this video with the latest version of Android operating system Lollipop. This is
24 Apr 2015

Canz 808 Bluetooth Speaker

This is one of the most affordable bluetooth speakers that you can purchase. Not only does it have a great price tag, but the sound on this thing is actually pretty phenomenal. This speaker usually runs around