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9 Jan 2018

Security+ with Skillsoft – Review

Reviewing the Security+ with Skillsoft
22 Jun 2017

FlexiSpot Sit Stand Desks

I have been a big fan of sit stand desks for a few years now and I have used a couple different brands of them. FlexiSpot reached out to me about a year ago the first time
17 Dec 2016

Razer DeathAdder Mouse Review

To get straight to the point today we are talking about the Death Adder mouse from Razer. If you are unfamiliar with Razer they are a widely known company in the PC gaming industry. They make in
27 Nov 2016

Airwolf3D AXIOMe Review – 3D Printer

3D Printing seems to be a pretty big rage these days. They are almost becoming a household name and affordable enough to bring into your home without breaking your wallet too much. This week I am going
27 Jun 2016

What is the A+ Certification?

Let’s talk about one of the best certifications that you can get when you are first looking to get into I.T. If you are considering a career in information technology it is highly suggested that you get
25 Jun 2016

Is I.T. a Difficult Career?

So let’s talk about whether or not I.T. is a hard or difficult career. Check out this video to learn more!
23 Jun 2016

How Much Money Can You Make Working in I.T.?

In this video we discuss the different pay ranges that you might find when you are looking to get into I.T. Please keep in mind that I am using the Chicagoland area as my salary base for
5 Feb 2016

Programming and Developer Jobs – AMA

I’m bringing in my good friend Joe to ask some questions about getting into programming and development. If you have any questions about getting into the development or programmer side of I.T. leave a comment and we
4 Feb 2016

Ask Me About I.T. Careers

This weeks ask me anything talks about Information Technology career choices. IF you are looking for more information about I.T. jobs and specifically what specialized jobs you can go for check out this video.
31 Jan 2016

Information Technology Interview Help

Chris Davis from PC Addicts and I sit down(or stand up in this video) and talk about some Job Interview help when it comes down to Information Technology. If you’re looking for a few tips and tricks