Windows 7 Archive

5 Nov 2014

Best way to take a Screen Shot

You may have learned how to do this a long time ago but let us show you the simplest way of taking a screen shot. Learn how to save it, copy it, email it…do more with it
2 Nov 2014

Use Your TV as a Monitor

Learn how to use your TV as a monitor for your computer. That’s right hook up your laptop or desktop computer to your TV and browse the internet on a massive screen. I plug my laptop into
18 Oct 2014

Back up your computer

This is the longest video we have done to date and we show you how to back up your files on your computer to external media such as a flash drive or external hard drive.
11 Oct 2014

Saving Word Document as PDF

In this quick video we are going to show you how to save a Microsoft Word document as a PDF document. This is a very common question that is asked and it is very simple to do.
5 Oct 2014

Increase Webpage Text Size

In this video we will show you two very simple options on how to increase your text size in web pages. This will also increase the size of images as well as the text while viewing web
1 Oct 2014

Default Desktop Icons

Sometimes when you buy a new computer or you have to reinstall your operating system you will notice some of your default icons may be missing, such as your Computer icon, User’s File icon(typically known as your
25 Sep 2014

Windows Wallpaper Options

Learn how to set different options for your Windows Wallpaper.
25 Sep 2014

Setting Desktop Wallpaper

In this simple video we will show you how to set a custom background or wallpaper image from the internet and from a picture on your computer.
25 Sep 2014

Changing Mouse Pointer

In this video we will show you how to change the mouse pointer size and simple settings from the Windows 7 mouse settings pane.
20 Sep 2014

Pin Shortcuts to the Taskbar

In this video we will be showing you how to add shortcuts to your favorite programs to the Windows Taskbar. The Windows taskbar is the bar that runs across the bottom of your screen that contains your