Windows Snipping Tool

In this video tutorial we will be showing you the Windows Snipping Tool that comes pre-packaged on Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 computers.

We have also included an easy to read text guide to follow along with and a downloadable version so that you can print this tutorial.

To Download a printable version of this documentation please click here.
Windows Snipping Tool
Welcome to PC Simplest Windows Snipping Tool Tutorial!

Please follow these steps on page 2 of this documentation to properly learn how to use the Windows Snipping Tool

During this process you will learn:

  • How to use the Windows Snipping Tool
  • How to save files created from the Windows Snipping Tool

Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
A working mouse or trackpad for laptops

 Step 1: Left-Click on the Start Menu

When you Left-Click on the Start Menu you will see an text field area that will say:

Search programs and files in italics.

In this text field you will type in: Snipping Tool > as shown in Step 2

Step 2: LEFT-Click on Snipping Tool

As you start to type in Snipping Tool it will begin to show up under your Programs list


Simply LEFT-Click on the Snipping Tool icon and you will be prompted with a new window, as shown in Step 3:

Step 3: Opening the Snipping Tool

Once you LEFT-Click on the Snipping Tool you will be prompted with the Snipping Tool window(See figure A.) and you will notice that your screen has grayed out some.  You will also notice that your mouse pointer has been replaced with a Cross Hair Pointer(See figure B.)


Step 4: Using the Snipping Tool.

In this next part you will be using your CROSS HAIR cursor as your guide to determine which portion of the screen you would like to take a screen grab of.  To use the Snipping Tool simple take your CROSS HAIR cursor and hold down the LEFT-Click button of your mouse and drag the CROSS HAIR across the area you would like to take a screen grab of.  In the picture below you will see that the area selected is now showing full color while the other areas of your screen are still grayed out.snipping-ss-4

Step 5: Saving Your Screen Grab

Once you have selected the area you would like to capture and you let go of the LEFT-Click on your mouse a new window will show up that will show the selected area that you have taken a screen grab of.

To save your screen grab simply left-click on the floppy disk icon(as shown in Figure A.) and this will prompt to select a location to save the file to.

To Copy your screen grab so that you can paste it into another document quickly simply left-click on the two paper document icons(as shown in Figure B.)

To E-Mail this screen grab simply left-click on the envelope icon(as shown in Figure C.)snipping-ss-3

Step 6: Tutorial Completed & Additional Options

Congratulations you have finished this tutorial on using the Snipping Tool, give yourself a pat on the back!

If you are looking for additional options with the Snipping Tool you will notice that there is an additional 3 options at the top of the Snipping Tool screen that we did not mention so that we could keep this tutorial simple.

The three additional options are:

The Pen Tool that will let you write on your screen grab so if you need to make quick notes or point out something this task is easily doable with the Pen Tool.

The Highlighter Tool that will let you highlight selected area’s just like a normal highlighter would do if you were doing this on a physical paper.

The Eraser Tool will let you erase mistakes that you may have made with the Pen Tool or Highlighting Tool.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial and have found it useful.  In the next Screen Grab tutorial we will be discussing a popular downloadable application that is called Greenshot that provides a lot more useful options for screen capture needs.